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Gemma combines her military experience and her understanding of transition to help others manage change in a positive way. Gemma shares her expertise on the issue of managing change with organisations around the country.

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Gemma Gardner

“Regardless of the nature of the changes we experience, change can be managed and accepted. In fact, the changes we face in life can be used to our advantage. If handled properly, change can be made into an opportunity and used as a platform for success.”

How to Manage Change

Change is an integral part of life.

Whether positive or negative, the changes we face as individuals are an inevitable part of our existence.
Some changes we face can be easily overcome or accepted

Accepting Change

I decided to take the first path. I had been trained in the army to adapt to my surroundings. I made a conscious decision to accept and work with the change I was facing, in a positive and constructive way.

Know Yourself

I realised that I was so intent on making plans and coming up with a way forward, that I had failed to reflect on who I was in the process and what made me unique.

The Importance of Collaboration

I discovered that a large of part of making a success of the change I was facing, was related to collaboration and working with others. By working with others.

Difficult Roads Often Lead to Beautiful Destinations

Regardless of the nature of the changes we experience, change can be managed and accepted. In fact, most of the changes we deal with in life can be used to our advantage.

DirectTransitioning Help…

Direct Transitioning Help (DTH) is a not-for-profit foundation, established to support serving members of the armed forces and their families in preparing for civilian life. To read more about Direct Transitioning Help please click here

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